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Unforgettable Evenings with Bangkok's Leading Farang Host
"No one will ever know how many people first developed an affection for Thailand simply because of having spent an evening with Jim Thompson."


While more widely known as the founder of the world renowned Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company, back in the 1960's, Jim Thompson's reputation as 'Bangkok's leading farang host' spread far and wide. A naturally sociable and outgoing person, he preferred to spend his evenings in the company of old friends and new acquaintances.

Jim Thompson in his house, with Cocky,
his pet white cockatoo.


Jim enjoyed meeting individuals from all walks of life and entertained guests at his home, simply referred to as the
"Jim Thompson Thai House".

The Jim Thompson Thai House - A legendary landmark. This charming, Thai house, the home of James H.W. Thompson, was once the talk of the town and the city's most 'celebrated social center'.

There was always someone coming to dinner, virtually every evening. These dinner parties were such popular and prestigious social events, it was a great honor to be on Jim Thompson's guest list.  
The dining room of the Jim Thompson house, the table set for one of the parties that were among the most sought after entertainment in Bangkok during the 1960s.
  Jim had a natural flair for entertaining. Almost everyone who came with an introduction was invited to the house for cocktails or dinner. Little has changed. Even today, an evening's get together on the famous terrace overlooking the 'klong' or a garden party in the courtyard retains the same magic. It is as though within the gardens of this enchanting Thai House, time stands still.
A classical Thai orchestra, dressed in traditional costumes, played their percussion instruments.
The evening's entertainment -- Thai classical dance. Performers in their dazzling jewelled costumes, ornate headdresses and theatrical masks, move to the chimes and tinkles of classical Thai music with grace and charm.