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The Jim Thompson Art Center in collaboration with the French Embassy, and Alliance Francaise, Bangkok, Thailand, is proud to present FUTUROTEXTILES; Surprising Textiles, Design & Art, an exhibition about science, technology, art and textiles curated by Caroline David. This exhibition is organized as part of La Fete 2009.

Futurotextiles is a touring exhibition associating science, technology and art with textiles. The objects, applications and works of the exhibition are inspired by the wildest dreams, inventing today our hopes for tomorrow.

After the success of the exhibitions: Futurotextiles at the Tri Postal in Lille (France) in 2006, in Istanbul in September 2007, and the exhibition Futurotextiel 08 presented during autumn 2008 in Courtrai in Belgium, the touring module will present a significant selection of these concrete visions of tomorrow’s textile which modify our relationship to the world, to our environment and ourselves.

The exhibition will invite visitors to discover the world of textiles: to appropriate for themselves their incredible diversity, from fibre to weaving and mesh, to composites and non- woven textiles. This exhibition will also show that today's textiles are becoming technical, innovative and intelligent. The touring module will therefore be scientific and technological; it will also provide visitors with an artistic, playful and poetic voyage with the creations of the greatest designers of recent years.

The main themes:
Discovery of textiles:   Among other things the visitor learns what the new fibres are, what the word "textile" means and what the fabrics of tomorrow will be.
Hometex :   A space dedicated to textiles in furniture and to the creations of designers integrating textiles and composite materials.
Clothtex :   Interactive clothes as well as haute-couture designs with futuristic accents will be presented.
Mobiletex :   The visitor notably discovers the use of composite materials in the transport sector.
Protex :   Here one will find the textiles used in the area of protection (high-resistance to fire, heat, external damage).
Buildtex – Geotex :   Architectural projects integrating textiles will be on display.
Medtex :   This zone is devoted to the uses of textiles in medicine (prostheses, implants).

Producers: lille3000, with the support of Culturesfrance for the international tour, and Lille Metropolitan urban community and the Région Nord-Pas de Calais for the presentation in the Région.

Jim Thompson Art Center opens everyday from 9 – 5 pm.
Access: BTS, National Stadium Station

For further information pls. contact Khun Penwadee at 02 6126741
E-mail artcenter@jimthompsonhouse.com